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Reality is Overrated



oh my god 

it feels like i was never supposed to see this it’s like forbidden or something 

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i don’t care how cute you are, but if you have a bad, nasty ass, imbetterthanyou attitude there is no way in hell i wanna associate with you. why do you have to be rude for NO FUCKING REASON?? i don’t understand how people have to be nasty for NO FUCKING REASON. like what makes you think you are so much better by being disrespectful and treating others like shit….

buttt its ok. one day it’ll come for YOU and you’ll see how it feels. 

days like these, i wanna slouch on the couch with some ice cream.

but ice cream i have of..none. 


You say you want to die but what you really want is to start living without feeling like you’re suffocating on your own decisions

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sansa stark after joffrey and margaery’s beautiful wedding



I’ve attached certain memories to specific songs and hearing them again is like pouring a cold slipped memory over my head, letting the experience wash over me.

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You are your own competition. The only person you need to conquer is yourself.

Hi, i'm Hina (rhymes with Tina) :P
22 years old
Pakistani-American & Muslim

I tend to desire things I can never have.

My blog consists of my random thoughts and things i love. <3

My inbox is always open. Don't be shy. :) But, don't act like a self-righteous ignorant prick either. If you don't like what you see, that's not my problem.

You can see my taste in music under the 'music' tag and pics of me under the 'selfie' tag.

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